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Get started with the Parakey App

Parakey is your new key! You have or will receive an invitation via email, follow the instructions in the email to get started.

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What is Parakey?

With Parakey, you do not have to keep track of physical keys, fobs, or access cards – use your smartphone as a key instead.

Sign in automatically

We recommend that you install the app as soon as you have been invited to use Parakey. Then you are already signed in and can unlock directly when you arrive at the door, gate, or such.

  1. Open the invitation email on your phone.

  2. Follow the instructions in the email to download the Parakey app and get started.

The different parts of the app


Here you see a list of nearby locks (that you have a mobile key to). Unlock by pressing the lock's name.



Change password, set the number of locks to be displayed as frequently unlocked in the Unlock view or submit feedback. If you have problems with the Parakey app, you can also troubleshoot by searching in the Help Center.

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