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Introduction of Parakey for Installers
Introduction of Parakey for Installers

Learn the basics of Parakey and tips for a successful installation.

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This is a compilation page with recommended articles for those who are going to install Parakey devices. If you are not familiar with Parakey, you can read more about "What Parakey is" via this link.

How Parakey Works

Parakey is a mobile and cloud-based access control system that consists of three different parts;

  1. Parakey Cloud Service - Cloud service with web portal for managing users and mobile keys, and integration possibilities to automate administration.

  2. Parakey App - The user's new key to locked spaces.

  3. Parakey devices - The hardware that enriches the locked space with mobile access; Parakey Slim, Control Unit, Door Handle, Cylinder and PDL. Only one hardware per locked space is required.

Key Management Online, Unlock Offline

  • Administration of keys and users is done online via Parakey Web Portal, no matter where you as an administrator are in the world.

  • All hardware is "offline", i.e. none of the Parakey devices are connected to the internet. The Parakey app also works without internet access as long as you have received a mobile key.

    The Parakey app and hardware communicate via encrypted Bluetooth for maximum robustness and security.

How to Install Parakey Devices

❗️Keep in mind that you must be invited as an Installer to the place where you are going to install Parakey devices.

  1. Add the Parakey device to a place, can be done directly via the installation tools in the Parakey app, or via the web portal.

  2. Install the Parakey device (Parakey Slim, Control Unit, Door Handle, Cylinder or PDL).

Circuit Diagrams

There are circuit diagrams for Parakey Slim and Control Unit for different use cases and behaviors 👇

Tips and Tricks

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