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What is Parakey?
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Parakey is the market's most easy to use access control system for businesses. You, as an administrator, can easily manage mobile key and send them to users who can unlock doors with their smartphones.

Parakey makes it possible to use your smartphone as a key instead of key fobs and plastic cards. You are able to use Parakey to get into your office, gym, parking garage and much more with your smartphone.

How does it work?

Parakey is built up by three parts;

  1. A cloud service, where the administrator manages mobile keys and users from Parakey Web Portal.

  2. A smartphone app, which acts as a keychain and key to open unlocked doors, gates and turnstiles.

  3. Hardware. Parakey Control Unit, installed next to a door as an example, that controls electromechanical locks and communicates with the smartphone app. Or Parakey PDL (Professional Digital Lock) for doors without electromechanical locks.

An administrator manages, via Parakey Web Portal, users and sends mobile keys for an office space as an example. The user gets a welcoming email, which describes how to get going with the Parakey App. When the user has downloaded and logged into the app, he or she is just a button press away from open a locked door they are standing next to. The app and the control unit or the professional digital lock communicates through Bluetooth Low Energy.

Parakey Control Unit or Parakey PDL needs to be installed in the property, office space, gym etc. in order to use the Parakey App.

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