Keep a door, gate or such unlocked

This article describes how you can keep a door, gate or such unlocked until a specific time.

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The Keep unlocked feature allows doors or such to stay unlocked longer than during a regular unlocking. This can be useful if you need to go in and out frequently over a short period of time.

❗️To use this function, it is required that the key you have allows locks to be kept unlocked.

How do I keep a door, gate or such unlocked?

  1. Press the three dots to the right of the lock you want to keep unlocked.

  2. Press Keep unlocked.

  3. Specify until what time you want it to be unlocked and press Unlock.

    💡 If the key to the lock has time restrictions, you can only keep it unlocked within these.

How do I lock again?

Follow the same steps as above, but instead of pressing Unlock, press Lock.

How do I know which locks can be kept unlocked?

If you do not see Keep unlocked when you press the three dots by a lock, it cannot be kept unlocked.

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