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Create a key

As an Owner, Administrator, or Installer, you can create keys that can unlock one or more locks.

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What is a key?

A key can unlock one or more locks. As an owner, administrator, or installer, you can create different types of keys depending on the use case. To give users access to different locks, you send them one or more keys.

Create a key

  1. Go to Keys and press Create.

  2. Give the new key a name and select a timezone. Then press Next.

    ❗️Only locks with this timezone set can be added to the key.

  3. Select which locks should be included in the key by pressing on them and then press Next.

  4. Choose whether the key itself should be time-restricted.

    1. If you want to have the possibility to set time restrictions individually for each user (default option), press Create.

    2. If the key should have the same time restriction for all users who receive it, read more in the article Create a time-restricted key.

    👉 Want to allow users to keep the door, gate, or similar unlocked for a longer period? Read more about how to activate the feature.

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