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When is my key valid?

How to see in the app whether/when a key is valid.

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See if you have a valid key when you are near the lock

If you are near the door, gate or such, you can see in the Unlock view if you have a valid key for it:

  • If you have a valid key, you will see blue details where you can press the lock's name to unlock it.

  • If you have an invalid key, you will see the lock’s name along with a yellow text indicating the status.

See the validity period of your key under Places in the app

  1. Go to Places and press the specific name.

  2. Press Your keys.

  3. Then press the key whose validity period you want to see.

  4. Under Valid, you can see the validity period.

See scheduled time restrictions

How to see if there is a schedule for when a key can be used:

  1. Go to Places and press the specific place.

  2. Press Your keys and then the key specific key.

  3. Press Scheduled time restrictions.

  4. Press on each day to see when the key can be used that day.

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