An alternative way to unlock doors without starting the Parakey app. With a NFC sticker next to the door all it takes is for you to tap your device against the sticker to automatically unlock the door.

How to tap and unlock

Step by step

Make sure that your phone supports NFC and that it is enabled. You can check this by checking the settings in the Parakey app.

Step 1
Make sure that your device is unlocked

Step 2
Tap the Parakey sticker next to the door
If you're unsure about how to interact with the sticker you can try moving the device up and down across the sticker to find the spot. For some devices it is the area near the camera that you should hold against the sticker. Other devices have it located in the middle.

Step 3
Unlock starts automatically

How can we tap and unlock our doors?

If you don't see a NFC sticker by the door, contact the administrator at your place for more information.

Do you have an iPhone?
Tap and unlock usage differs a bit between iPhone and Android devices. Read more about how it works with iPhone.

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