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Tips and tricks in the Parakey app

The app is easy to use and just as easy to master. Here you will find tips and tricks in the Parakey app.

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Move the app to the "first page"

Avoid scrolling through pages filled with apps to find the Parakey app by moving it to the "first page" in your app library. Here's how you move the app if you have an;

Tap to unlock via Parakey NFC sticker

If there is a Parakey NFC sticker by the locked space, you can hold your phone against the sticker to unlock. 🀳

Access the app directly from the lock screen

If you use Parakey more or less daily, widgets for iOS are a hot tip to be able to unlock directly from the lock screen.

If you have an Android phone that supports adding icons to the lock screen, you can add an icon as a shortcut to the Parakey app.

"Keep unlocked"

Use the "Keep unlocked" feature to allow a door to stay unlocked for a longer time.

"Frequently unlocked" - Adjust the number of locks displayed

The Parakey app detects the locks that you often unlock, by default three are shown. If you want to reduce or increase the number of locks displayed in this "favorite list", you can do it via the Settings tab.

See which locks you have access to and when

Under the Places tab, you will find which locks you have access to and when.

What the Parakey app does automatically

  1. The app uses the language that you use on your phone in general.

  2. Reduced or increased text size on your phone? - This is also reflected in the app. πŸ”

  3. Dark mode follows the phone's settings πŸ™

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