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Tap to unlock – iPhone
Tap to unlock – iPhone

How to smoothly unlock by tapping your iPhone against Parakey NFC sticker.

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To use this feature your device needs to support NFC. Se further instructions for different models:

iPhone XS (and higher) with iOS 13 (and higher)

  1. Unlock your phone.

  2. Hold the tip of your phone against the Parakey sticker by the door, gate or such.

  3. Tap the notification Open in Parakey to unlock.

    NFC notification from the Parakey app: "Open in Parakey". Shown when the iPhone is tapped against Parakey NFC sticker

iPhone 7 - iPhone X

  1. Start the Parakey app and tap the NFC button.

    Unlock view in the Parakey app with NFC button

  2. Hold the phone against the Parakey sticker to unlock.

Older iPhones

If you have an older iPhone, you can always unlock with Parakey in-app as usual.

How do we get NFC stickers at our place?

An NFC sticker is included in all new orders of Parakey units. If there is need for more stickers, a person in charge of the place can order more stickers via

Do you have an Android phone?

How to tap to unlock differs a bit between iPhone and Android phones. Read more about how it works for Android.

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