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How to unlock with Parakey

When you start the app it scans the nearby area for locks and displays them. Tap the name of a lock to unlock it.

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  1. Tap the lock you want to unlock.

    Unlock view in the Parakey app

  2. When the cell turns green it is unlocked.

Can't find the lock?

Did the unlocking fail?

Should the app fail to unlock the cell turns yellow instead. You can then try to move closer to the door, gate or such and tap the lock's name again when it's available.

Parakey app showing an unsuccessful unlock: the lock cell turns yellow

Tap to unlock

With Parakey NFC sticker you can unlock by tapping your phone against the sticker instead of opening the Parakey app. If you can't see a sticker please contact the person responsible for the place you have access to for more information.

How to tap to unlock differs between iPhone and Android, for more information please read in the individual articles.

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