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Add an Installer

When a new lock (Parakey device) is to be added to a place, the installer needs access to the place in the Parakey Web portal.

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❗️ This article refers to the new version of Parakey Web Portal which can be accessed by pressing Try the new portal at the top right of the portal. We recommend that you manage users there.

In order to be able to add a new lock and carry out the necessary tests, the installer needs to be invited to the place in the web portal and assigned the Installer role.

How to add an installer

  1. Go to Users and press Invite.

  2. Enter the email address of the installer who will carry out the installation and select the Installer role.

    💡You can also add additional information about the user by pressning the "Edit" icon.

  3. Then press Invite. The installer can now add new locks to your place.

    💡Once the installation is complete and the lock has been added to the web portal, you can remove the user until they will carry out a new installation for you.

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