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Change settings for a place
Change settings for a place

Under Place settings, you can, for example, change the place name, add your contact information, and make settings for emails and logs.

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❗️To change the settings for a place, you must be an Owner or Administrator at the place.

What settings can I change?

  • General information such as name, details about the place, place category, and default time zone.

  • Security settings. Require two-factor authentication from administrators, when logging into the web portal (requires upgrade).

  • Your contact information that is displayed in the app, which users can use for questions about keys or the place.

    ❗️ Please ensure that this information is up-to-date.

  • Restrictions regarding whether it should be possible to create sub places (creation of sub places requires an extension of your license).

  • Logging settings, i.e., how long personal data is stored in the logs.

  • Settings regarding email delivery, for example, the language in the invitation email sent to new users.

Here's how you change a place’s settings

  1. Go to Settings (Place settings).

  2. Press Edit at the section where you want to make changes.

  3. Make the desired changes and press Save by the edited section.

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