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The lock is not displayed in the app
The lock is not displayed in the app

Tips for when the app can't find the lock you want to unlock.

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There are two common reasons why the app can't find the lock you want to unlock:

  1. You do not have a mobile key to the lock.

  2. You are outside the lock's Bluetooth range.


  1. Get closer to the door, gate, or such. The Parakey app uses Bluetooth to connect to lock and unlock it, and something might be blocking the signal.

    ❗️ If it works when you get closer but not from where you normally can unlock, make an error report to the people responsible for the place.

  2. Make sure that battery saver mode is not turned on. Some phones make Bluetooth work less well when battery saver mode is active. Try turning this off before trying to unlock again.

  3. Update your mobile keys. Make sure your access is up to date: Go to Places and update the view by scrolling up and releasing (like fetching new emails on your phone), which downloads all keys again.

  4. Turn off and turn on Bluetooth again.

  5. Turn off and restart your phone.

Do you have a company phone with Android Enterprise/work profile?

If you have Android Enterprise, a small briefcase is displayed at the top (see image below) and possibly at the bottom of the screen. A briefcase is also displayed by the Parakey app icon.

If you have installed the Parakey app in your work profile, the app must also be installed in your private profile to work correctly. You do not need to log into the app on your private profile.

❗️You cannot be logged in with the same email address in the private profile and work profile at the same time.

Still experiencing problems? Contact us at [email protected] or in our chat and we will help you.

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