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Specify which keys integrations have access to manage
Specify which keys integrations have access to manage

Integrations can only manage keys that allow usage via API. Learn how to enable API access for a key.

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We always recommend creating separate keys for integrations (both partner integrations and custom integrations). This is to avoid mixing up users managed via integration and those invited manually via the web portal.

❗️ Only allow usage via API for the keys that are to be used by the integration. By default, an integration has no access to any keys at all.

Allow API integration for a key

  1. Create a new key or press on an existing key that should be managed by an integration.

  2. Under Settings, by Permissions, press Edit.

  3. Activate Allow to be used with API.

  4. Press Save.

  5. The API section is displayed in the detail view of the key, with more information.

    👉 In some cases, the system you want to connect to Parakey may ask you to enter an Alias ID (e.g. a room ID, or an object ID they provide), then enter it in the Alias ID field.

    ❗️Remember that you must select this key or enter its Access ID in the system you want to connect to Parakey.

Show which keys allow API integration in the key table

You can choose to display the API Integration column in the key overview to easily see which of your keys allow usage via API.

  1. Press the icon to the right of the column headings.

  2. Check API Integration.

  3. The overview updates automatically.

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