Using Alias ID

Alias ID can be used to simplify integration by adding a known ID from the integrating system in Parakey, for example, a room ID.

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Alias ID can be used to create a stateless integration with Parakey. Using an Alias ID there is no need to store any extra information about Access ID in the integrating system. Instead, Parakey will handle the mapping between your ID and the Parakey Access ID.

Please note that Alias ID is optional and you should only use an Alias ID or the Access ID.

Create or update Alias ID on Keys (Access)

To use Alias ID in your API calls, you need to enter the Alias ID in the Parakey Web Portal. This should represent a unique identifier in your system, for example, a room ID.

❗️ This instruction refers to the new version of Parakey Web Portal which can be accessed by clicking on Try the new portal at the top right of the portal.

  1. Go to Keys and find the key you want to update.

  2. Press the key’s name and then press Edit.

  3. Activate Allow to be used with API if it is not already activated.

  4. Enter an Alias ID.

    💡 We always recommend using a prefix for your Alias ID, since the ID has to be unique within the Parakey system. For example you can use your company name as prefix.

To use the Alias ID, simply use this instead of the Access ID.

"insert": [{
"access": { "aliasId": "Parakey-123ABC" },
"user": { "email": "[email protected]" }

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