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Integration via API
Place API (single place integration)
Place API (single place integration)
How to get started with our API for a single place, both for trying out our API and creating your custom integration.
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❗️ This article refers to the Beta version of Parakey Next Gen Portal which can be accessed by clicking on Try Parakey Beta at the top right of the portal. We recommend that you manage your integration there.

Using the Place API (single place integration) is the best way to create an integration with your own place. If you want to integrate with multiple places, please read the Create an app (multi-place integration) article.

Get started with your single place integration

  1. Go to Settings, then Integrations.

  2. In the API section, press the toggle to activate API for this place.

  3. You can now integrate with this place by using the Access token.
    💡 Press Show next to the masked string to view the Access token.

    ❗️ This Access token should never be used in client-side apps or websites.

    ❗️Do not share this Access token with anyone you do not trust! Anyone with this Access token can distribute keys to your place.

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